Keep on growing One year on and Shackleton International School is ready for a new intake of students


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IT’S been a year since Shackleton International School opened in Valencia and it just keeps on growing.
The Burjassot school is an offshoot of the Superfriends English nursery that has provided early learning for youngsters up to the age of six for the last decade. The new school – five years in the planning – was a big step to take and to some minds a bit of a risk.

But it has paid off handsomely, explained Shackleton School managing director, Celeste Cutter.
She said “We got off to a good start with 110 students, and we currently have almost 300.

“This shows how more and more families are choosing our school, although our goal is not to become a big school with too many students, which wouldn’t allow us to give the personalised education we want to offer.”
Shackleton is currently starting the new school year with Year 7 and Year 8 students.
With an eye for the future of their students, the school has chosen to follow the IB system for IGCSEs.

Celeste explained “This will allow our students to continue their college/university studies wherever they choose to live.”
At the heart, of the school’s success and expansion is the highly professional team.
Celeste explained “We are especially proud of our staff, formed by highly qualified teachers and dedicated specialists.
“This year we are adding more professionals with the same high standard and we are looking forward to working together with our families to turn our students into highly qualified, empathetic and independent citizens in the future.
The school is named in honour of the celebrated explorer, Ernest Shackleton, who with a combination of integrity, leadership and determination is viewed as a historical role model.
The school philosophy will be about inspiring youngsters with confidence through encouraging creative thinking and talent; speaking a language besides Spanish, and using the latest teaching methods based on the British education system.
Celeste explained “We believe in giving youngsters an education based on values, which goes beyond just subjects and the curriculum.
“We want all of the pupils to develop values like effort; curiosity; companionship; being adaptive, and respect through strengthening their innerself and through their social interaction.”

We apply the high British standards to all of the lessons which are done innovatively with the latest teaching methods.
“Every student gets the necessary tools to develop their skills and enhance what they learn with the freedom to be creative.”
More details are available via the website,, or via their Facebook page, Shackleton International School.