1) How do I download/get TuneIn Radio?

TuneIn Radio is pre-loaded on your Sonos device. Select Radio by TuneIn from the menu on your controller or controller app.

2) How do I find something to listen to?

To find something to listen to, select "Radio by TuneIn" on your Sonos controller or controller app:

From here, you can browse in several ways, including:

  • My Radio Stations: Lists the radio stations you’ve saved to your Favorites on your Sonos.
  • My Radio Shows: Lists the radio shows you’ve saved to your Favorites on your Sonos.
  • Local Radio: Lists nearby radio stations based on your current location. Please enable GPS or other location-based services for the best experience.
  • Music: Includes all of the music stations, shows and podcasts available on TuneIn, organized by genre.
  • News: Lists news stations, shows and podcasts available on TuneIn, including local, national and global news, as well as traffic and weather.
  • Sports: Includes listings across several sports categories, as well as sports talk radio stations. You'll find many of your favorite shows, podcasts and live games here.
  • Talk: Includes TuneIn stations, shows and podcasts across a variety of genres, such as Comedy, Politics, Technology, etc.
  • Location: Lets you browse TuneIn offerings by broadcasters’ geographical locations. It’s a fun way to travel the world! Find stations and podcasts from places you’ve been and miss or places you’ve always wanted to go.

Once you've found what you want to listen to, tap the station or program and then tap "Play Now."

NOTE: At this time, there is no way to sign into a TuneIn account on your Sonos.

3) How do I add something to my Favorites?

For information on how to add things to your Favorites, please see this FAQ article for Android and iOS Sonos Controller Apps.  

4) Why do I not always see the station’s logo?

Some stations might not have provided TuneIn with a station logo; In those cases, TuneIn is unable to display a logo.

5) Why can I not find a station on my Sonos device?

Currently, Sonos devices can only play streams in mp3, wma, and AAC formats. Stations that do not stream in one of these formats will not be available on Sonos devices.