The 2020 AllMusic Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers


As the moment for gift-giving draws ever closer, we’re back with the final installment of this year’s holiday gift guide. This time we’re keeping it simple, with small, relatively inexpensive options, for when you want to let someone know you care, but not necessarily “$500 hi-fi amplifier” care. From guitar picks to turntable slipmats to a conversation-sparking card game, stuff those stockings and have a happy holiday season. And our lists of gadgets, box sets, and music books are still available.

Mixtape: The Song and Scenario Card Game
A fun twist on stale conversation-starter card packs, this set tasks players with coming up with the musical accompaniment for various moments in their lives, both real and imagined. Liven up the next group Zoom with a heated debate over the best baseball walk-up song or the worst song to hear looped on a road trip. ($29.95)

Vinyl Turntable Crew Socks
Your most analog relative will appreciate these subtle, tasteful socks that reflect their spurning of all things cold and digital. But something that won’t be cold is their feet, as the futuristic magic of polyester keeps them toasty for a long and belabored record sorting session. ($15.99)

Sonic Youth ‘Goo’ Face Mask
Hey Goo, what’s new? The answer is Covid. This official Sonic Youth face mask tweaks the original Raymond Pettibon album art from their major label debut and puts it right in the middle of your face to protect you from those pesky germs that would otherwise keep you home. ($15)

AllMusic Subscription
If you’re reading this, you’re likely already a regular AllMusic reader. AllMusic has always been a free resource, but it’s not free to maintain. If you’d like to help directly beyond loaning us your eyeballs and time, you can chip in for an annual subscription to AllMusic. In turn, we’ll remove advertisements for you, making it easier to zip around the site. ($12)

Bluetooth Auxiliary Outlet Converter
Lose the cord and turn any auxiliary input into a Bluetooth receiver with this simple, small gadget. The package also comes with a variety of adapters and clips for more complex or space-based needs, but all that matters is you never hear that horrible static from a loose aux cable ever again. ($19.99)

Leather Keychain With Guitar Pick Holder
Any guitarist on your list is constantly looking for their guitar picks. Some advice? Look inside the dryer. Like take the whole thing apart and you will find 37 guitar picks that were in somebody’s pocket when their pants went through the wash. To avoid this altogether, Hide & Drink offers this simple handmade leather pouch on a keyring that holds several picks. ($20.99)

Assorted Fender Guitar Picks
However, if you are short on picks found in the lint trap, or you put a brand new guitar under the tree for an aspiring beginner, you’ll be well-served by this variety pack of quality guitar picks from Fender. No gimmickry, no nonsense, just 24 high-quality picks of varying thickness and colors that will have Timmy or Sally plunking through “Seven Nation Army” in no time. Earplugs sold separately. ($13.99 for 24)

Tower Records T-Shirt
In 2020 Tower Records seemed to resurface as an online store again, bringing back waves of nostalgia to those of us who lost hours browsing through the brick and mortar stores back in the day. Relive those yellow and red-tinged memories with this throwback Tower Records t-shirt. If somebody asks “Do you work here?” you can just sob uncontrollably into your worn out copy of Pulse! Magazine. No Music No Life! ($19.99)

Turntable Slipmat
2020 marks the first year in more than a generation since record sales — that is to say physical vinyl records — have surpassed CD sales. Dress up your tired turntable with a new slipmat, which are available in in a variety of patterns and materials, but around here our favorite one is tagged as “Color: Pizza.” ($19.49)