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Costa Blanca FM only online, why!

FM radio limits us in listeners in an area with mountains. You will think, why do you use FM in your name? because we want to keep old things in mind when it comes to radio. FM as it is today will slowly come to an end, for one country faster than the other.

Norway was the first country in the world to switch FM radio off in 2017 and chose DAB+. Despite the possibilities, internet radio has our preference.

Internet radio has now become even more important due to a change in 2017, with no additional charges for using your mobile phone in Europe. So, if you are going on holiday or are about to make a business trip, you can use your internet abroad just like at home, without extra roaming charges.

What does this mean for you as a listener? Whether you're staying in Torrevieja, Benidorm, Calpe, Denia, you can listen to Costa Blanca FM anywhere. wherever you are with your smartphone or tablet.

TuneIn is the most popular way to listen to internet radio. Downloud the free app for your device.

Costa Blanca FM in your living room!

Bose SoundTouch users manual

Sonos users manual

Amazone Alexa users manual

Why online radio advertise !

Commercials are processed differently in the brain when listening consciously than when listening unconsciously. When listening consciously, the consumer assesses the power of the arguments being communicated. The brain performs this assessment to a much lesser extent when listening unconsciously, because much less attention capacity is available.

The addition of an online radio campaign in the media mix has a positive effect on advertising recognition, top of mind brand awareness and consumer purchasing behaviour.

The recognition of your radio campaign among listeners of the online radio campaign is 10% higher than among the listeners reached with the FM campaign.