What is your purpose of advertising on the radio?

Do you want more visitors for your webshop or do you want to achieve brand
awareness for your company, product or service? And what is the message in
your radio commercial?

It is difficult to predict what the results will be. Of course, it is also important what the image of your company is, and: what else do people know about your company or product? Do you advertise regularly in other media? When potential customers already know your company, the campaign will score better than when you are less well known.

Also, an action will deliver something measurable faster than when your goal is to create brand awareness. In case of brand awareness, it may well be that an order or contact with your company is made a few weeks or even months after the radio campaign, something that we certainly see happen more often.

Don’t you have any brand awareness yet? Don’t be discouraged because of course you have to start somewhere.

Advertising on Costa Blanca FM
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